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Buddypress Wiki where registered users in the frontend can edit the same document after each other.

orcas Responsive Wiki is currently the once wiki with buddypress support to get every buddypress group its own wiki.

At default our plugin allows registered users to edit wiki documents in the frontend. In addition, it is possible to set which users or
roles can create or modify wiki documents. With the WYSIWYG editor you can insert and manage tables and you can insert images per
drag and drop. As highlight can you input `wiki:` to get a auto complete list to insert easy links to other wiki pages.


  • Optimized for mobile devices.
  • Editing in frontend possible.
  • Unlimited wiki pages.
  • Restrict your wiki, who can create/update wiki pages.
  • WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), write wiki pages like a word document.
  • Insert images in your wiki with drag and drop.
  • Create and modify tables in your wiki.
  • With auto complete function after keyword wiki: you can insert links to other wiki pages of your instance.
  • “pinterest”-style overview.

orcas Responsive Wiki Pro Features

  • Buddypress group support.
  • Revisions view.


  • [wiki_add_create_button] – Add a external button to open the create form.
  • [wiki_add_create_link] – Add a external link to open the create form.


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