GDPR Notice Pro


With this WordPress plugin, we offer you an aid to make your website more GDPR compliant. Failure to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation can be punished from 25 May 2018.

The advantages of the Pro version of the DSGVO plugin

  • If desired, removes all external data access that the user has not accepted.
  • The language of the browser is recognized and used for the plugin (currently only german and english)
  • Entries can be provided with explanations.
  • Entries can be marked as required.

The free version can be found directly on WordPress or under the following link:

What does our DSGVO WordPress plugin do?

Our plugin creates a page before being redirected to your website. There, the user is asked which of the external services that you have previously configured in the settings of the plugin he accepts.


Just install the WordPress plugin and it works. After that, you can enter and supplement your external services as you wish.

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  • WordPress-Plugin: DSGVO Notiz
    Unser DSGVO-WordPress-Plugin hilft Ihnen Ihre Webseite DSGVO-konformer zu gestalten.

Ticket System

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With this plugin you can extend your page by a hint to the current data protection law. You can enter your own messages and determine the order of the messages.