Current projects
Fachkraefte-MV Logo
A Drupal based site where (former) soldiers can interact with companies from Mecklenburg Vorpommern. Logo
A price comparing solution for
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Provision of a Seafile server
As an alternative to Dropbox has the company get an own Seafile server from us.
chillio Logo
Implementation concept
Creation of an extensive concept to implementation of a tourism portal.
datev_1 im-web Logo
DATEV programming interfaces
Reading of im-web XML interfaces and coverting to Datev-CSV files
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K&K Group
Implementation of a web site based of WordPress for the K&K Industriebau und Personalbetreuungs GmbH, the K&K Personal und Technik GmbH and the K&K Objektservice und Gebäudemanagement GmbH
Scheelehof Logo
Internet marketing concept
Creation of an expensive internet marketing concept. Rating of the current state of the internet site and the SEO marketing and identification of numerous opportunities for improvement.
>SPHERE.IO™ is the first and leading Platform-as-a-Service solution for eCommerce. Implementation of a complete software development kits of base of PHP to connect to the SPHERE.IO REST-Services.


We can count in our portfolio comprehensive knowledge in connecting APIs for hotel data, Merging them and link records: this means, that two equal hotels from different APIs get merged to one single hotel.